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What You Should Know About Dual Caregivers
If you are taking care of your parents and children then you are a member of the sandwich generation which is estimated to be at least 47{179f3635c8a35bd7dd564e1fa75c01856622dd40fa7de2fa31b3fe72c5fc1f4d} of adults. Taking care of your parents and children can be quite tiresome and frustrating which is why a large population face specific challenges and lead a stressful life. Dorothy Miller created the term sandwich generation and their different signs that help you know if you are part of the growing demographic.

The sandwich caregiver is about 40 to 50 years old raise small children and are responsible for an older child financially. People in this generation have full-time jobs and take care of their family, but female caregivers have more roles than men. The sandwich generation faces a lot of pressure, and they’re more likely to suffer from depression.

Dual caregivers might extend their financial care to grandchildren or grandparents, so they are referred to as club sandwich caregivers. A person in the sandwich generation usually has lower work performance since they have a lot of commitments. The sandwich generation caregiver is usually tired and stressed out because of the work and family pressure, but companies are addressing the situation by giving them benefits.

The companies ensure they provide health incentives for the worker can take care of themselves and different financial planning workshop since they have to manage the money properly. Sandwich generation caregivers can take advantage of the benefits provided by their company by reviewing the employee benefits booklet or talking to the human resource manager to get assistance. The sandwich generation caregivers are encouraged to visit a therapist regularly so they can learn healthy coping skills since research has shown they have high stress levels.

You can take advantage of after-school programs or talk to your family member so they can understand your situation and support you. There are multiple sandwich generation caregivers you get to meet through local or online support groups plus you need to create time for yourself. Knowing how to cope with the responsibilities of caring for elderly people is important especially when they have significant health issues like Alzheimer’s, dementia and cognitive disorder because you should show physical and emotional support.

Sometimes kids are affected by the obligations of a dual caregiver especially financially since their parents spend all the money as soon as they get it. You might be financially stretched to the limit, and you should know when to say no to your kids and elderly and take a few minutes to yourself, so you can plan out your obligation and know what you should prioritize.